ONE of Anglesey’s best-known buildings is to be transformed into a business centre and conference venue.

Tristan Haynes, the new owner of Grade II-listed Shire Hall in Llangefni, is also planning to open a pod hotel, an art gallery and attract companies of all sizes to the 45-room landmark.

Llangefni is the administrative heart of the island, and for many years Shire Hall has been home to the Town Council and the HM Courts and Tribunals Services; it was also previously used by the county authority and police.

Tristan, who grew up in South Africa, the US and the Middle East before travelling the world as an Olympic-level windsurfer, spotted the Glanhwfa Road site when searching for a refurbishment project.

Based in Bedfordshire, the Managing Director of Chief Properties – who also runs a successful haulage firm – had never been to Anglesey before identifying Shire Hall as a possible location.

After visiting the region, he now plans to move permanently to the island and breathe new life into the much-loved structure.

“As soon as I saw the building, I felt a connection; it’s steeped in history at the heart of the community and has so many possibilities,” said the dad-of-two.

“It’s taken more than a year to get to this point, but I now own the building and will be making improvements and alterations.

“I had planned to turn it into a healthcare facility but in terms of demand it will work better as business suites, with some accommodation and rooms that can be used for many different education and industry needs.

“I’m looking for people who might like to help me develop the site, so please get in touch.”

He added: “I have to thank the council, who have been very supportive and will continue with me on this journey to bring the building back to life.

“In terms of the space itself, there are parts of it ready to go now. Different companies might want to decorate their offices or collaborate on design, the furniture and the overall ‘look’, either of which works for us.

“There’s scope for a large organisation in need of a central location, but also SMEs or people wanting to hot desk – it will be a vibrant facility that reflects the burgeoning business scene on Anglesey.”

The project will also create temporary and permanent construction, maintenance and design roles, as well as attracting myriad industries to the town.

However, the biggest selling point, according to Tristan, is the island itself.

“I’ve travelled the world and worked as a commercial diver, and the beaches and scenery here on Anglesey are as beautiful as anything I’ve ever seen,” he said.

“I feel so relaxed, so clean and healthy. There’s a wonderful tempo to life and the people are fantastic. I love it and look forward to moving up here in the future.”

He added: “I already feel connected to Llangefni. I am a custodian of this great landmark; it belongs to the community and I’m honoured to be taking it forward to create even more history.”

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