Aesthetics might be the main driver behind your choice of windows and doors, but performance will be the deciding factor…

When you decide to replace your windows and doors, the new versions need to be better than your previous ones in terms of security, energy efficiency and sustainability – while also adhering to a range of different design demands.

And, as if that wasn’t enough to consider, there is also the vast choice of materials to consider. Timber, PVC-U, aluminium and even composite all have their own pros and cons. For example, thanks to on going product development and enhancements, huge strides have been made in the performance of PVC-U. Many ‘next generation’ PVC-U systems now provide the same performance benefits, colour choice and aesthetics as their aluminium counterparts – but with more affordability.

Doorworld is an independent local retailer of both doors and windows manufactured from all available materials. Established of over 11 years, but with a depth of experience in the industry spanning over 50 years, the Rhyl based team is well placed to offer advice on just what product is right for you.

Offering both internal and external door in timber, PVC-U and composite, Doorworld has the biggest selection of windows and doors across North Wales. But just what are the individual benefits?

Well, PVC-U has been busy winning people over thanks to its longevity and lack of maintenance.

“PVC-U windows have been given a minimum reference service life (RSL) of 35 years by the BRE [The Building Research Establishment], with minimal maintenance during this period,” comments Chris Coxon, head of marketing at Eurocell. “First generation PVC-U windows – now 50 years old – are still performing strongly well beyond this. Glazing units, the most expensive part of a PVC-U window, will fail long before the frame.”

Back in Rhyl, and Doorworld offers A rated PVC-U windows (which exceeds current building regulations) as standard. Its store on Vale Road has more colours and finishes of PVC-U windows than ever, with over ten different colours on display.

It also has over a dozen different composite doors on display should you be thinking of upgrading your front door to boot. Originally designed for the commercial market, due to their strength, security and durability, composite doors have become the new generation in domestic external doors. They combine the attributes of both timber and PVC-U doors to create a far more secure, thermally efficient and aesthetically pleasing door with greater colour options – and all virtually maintenance free.

“The [composite door] industry is very much at the peak of its performance from a design and production perspective, and the market for its products is at an all time high,” comments Stewart Griffin – sales and marketing director for IG Doors. “The front door is an important visual point of focus; with its stylish appearance and pleasing aesthetics combined with high security as standard it forms a key element of how a house looks.”

And, when it comes to the back of the house, the amount of glass on offer is just as important as the type of frame. Bifold doors are extremely popular at the moment, as they let the outside in by providing that much sought after indoor/outdoor flow. They are also perfect for letting the garden be constantly on view which, if the great North Wales weather doesn’t let you get out in it quite as much as you would like, is a huge benefit indeed.

Conwy Valley Windows has bi-folding doors to meet all tastes and budgets, and the Penrhyn Bay based firm has found that the demand for local home improvements has been very strong this summer.

“For those of us that want to open up our property and capture the outside, Bi-Folds are the perfect solution,” explains David Edwards of Conwy Valley. “We’re regularly told that enhancements to our home will prove an invaluable investment and the integration of bi-folding doors is mostly certainly that.”

But, unfortunately, bi-folds aren’t the cheapest solution. They do, however, have a range of benefits that mean that they are worth every penny.

Firstly, they are simple to open and close. “Customers tell us all the time that operating a set of bi-folding doors is very easy, the way they concertina as they’re pushed along the track is nothing short of graceful, closing the doors is no less of an unforgettable experience,” continues Edwards.

Their flexible design also means that they are ideal for letting fresh air into the home – if you don’t want to pull the entire set of doors back then you can open just one panel and operate it individually just as you would a stand alone back door.

But the main benefit has to be in the looks department. “Aluminum bi-folding doors are especially pleasing on the eye as the aluminum frames are amazingly slender and they can accommodate very large pieces of glass that virtually extend from top to bottom,” adds Edwards.

But it’s not just bi-fold doors that Conwy Valley sells. This local firm has supplied and installed a wide range of PVC-U windows, doors and conservatories in North Wales for over 30 years.

“What makes us stand out is the fact that we really do care about our customers,” concludes Edwards. “We want you to get exactly what you’re after, something that suits your home perfectly.”